LA Night Life

LA Night Life

The former Crocker Citizens National Bank building in Downtown LA is now called the Spring Arts Tower. It is also the home of the Crocker Club. The building is located on Spring and Fifth Streets in the heart of the Gallery District in one of the most happening and continually up and coming neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

The building still mostly looks like it did when it was built, in 1914. The décor is the same and many of the original materials used still remain. The Crocker Club’s interior maintains the Art Deco style of the building’s original design and there are parts of the bank that are integrated into the club. The “Vault Room” is nestled inside the bank’s vault and the heavy, beautiful door welcomes you into the room. The main bar of the club is the former bank teller’s counter where wealthy patrons kept their security boxes and made their monetary exchanges. As with many old buildings this building has a ghost that makes occasional appearances in our “Ghost Room.” The room is private and the separate sound system and bar helps keep it that way.

We have several bars and our talented bartenders can satisfy any palette. Have them mix your favorite drink or let them prepare you one of their creations with the freshest ingredients. You won’t be disappointed.

The club is open on Wednesday through Saturday evenings and if requested, we can open during our off hours for special events. DJ EROK is our regular Saturday night DJ and he brings in quite a crowd. We also have a roster of hot LA DJs that rotate nights. Check our events listing page to find out what’s going on down at the club.

We ask that you adhere to our dress code and come and enjoy yourself in your classiest dress.

Please no:

T-shirts or hoodies
Baseball hats or tennis shoes
Sandals or sports jerseys or overly baggie pants.
Men are encouraged to wear collared shirts

Check out our gallery before you come. See you soon!


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